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What Safety Metrics Offer The Most Value?

Posted by Sienna Luard·

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Wombat Software has a question.  What Safety metrics offer the most value?

We want to provide Safety Professionals with at a glance access to key safety metrics.  Above all we want to help them focus and prioritize their attention in the areas that will have the most impact on safety.

We have asked our amazing network of safety professionals what metrics would provide them with the most actionable insights.

These conversations highlighted safety metrics that offer the most value. 

  • Toolbox Talk Frequency – Data shows that companies that performs daily toolbox talks have a 85% decrease in total recordable incident rates (TRIRR).
  • Worker Participation – Every employee should be actively participating in the company’s safety program. Here are some metrics to measure employee engagement.
  • Number of safety meetings attended
  • Amount of training courses completed
  • Total inspections conducted and submitted
  • Completed Corrective Actions
  • Corrective Action Velocity – Measuring the average time to complete corrective actions can bring potential flaws in this process that ties a company’s safety program together.
  • Up to Date Training and Certifications – Proactively ensuring that all employees have up to date training and certifications shows a company’s commitment to the safety of their employees.
  • Incidents and Near Misses – Monitor Near Miss and Incident reports before a trend escalates and somebody gets hurt.

Click Here quick video highlights designs that we are working on for dashboards.  The goal is to provide metrics that keep you connected to the most important components of your safety program.

In conclusion, what safety metrics do you keep track of and why?  Let us know if there is any room for improvement with these designs.