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The Wombat Software To Do List is live!

Posted by Sienna Luard·

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The Wombat Software To Do List is live!

Wombat Software invites Safety professionals to test it out! Our goal is to enable busy safety professionals to prioritize their time and get more done.

For this reason, we have put together some quick videos to highlight some of the cool things that you can do with Wombat Software To Do List.

  • Click Here to access a video on filtering the To Do List
  • Click Here  to access a video on Completing a form in the To Do List.
  • Click Hereto access a video on Updating Training in the To Do List.

We are here to make life easier for safety professionals.  Now that the To Do List is Live, let us know what you think.   We look forward to a continued partnership with safety professionals.  Let’s make a safer world together!