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The Worker’s Contribution to Safety

Posted by Sienna Luard·

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Let’s talk about the worker’s contribution to safety.

Safety Messaging has focused on convincing leaders to step up.

  • Model the right behavior
  • Do not send mixed messages about safety vs productivity
  • Create a culture of safety

These are critical components of a safety culture.  On the other hand, we need to consider a fundamental reality.  Leaders are not the ones making the daily decisions to work safely.

Leaders have responsibility for external factors that empower employees to make safe decisions. On the other hand, the internal factors that impact decision making are equally important.

The human brain is up against many hazards that can distort safety decision-making.  

  • People make decisions without conscious thought.
  • People think they see everything.  On the contrary, that is never true.
  • Multitasking leads to errors not increased efficiency.
  • Our memories are not perfect.
  • Our brains reward us for fitting in.
  • Fatigue prompts our brains towards the easiest path.  That is not always the path to safety.

Techniques to mitigate these hazards

  • Employees can learn and practice mindfully looking for safety exposures.
  • Consequently, they will notice more safety exposure.
  • Then, they can earn skills to reduce those exposures that impact safety.

Improved execution and enhanced precision result when people understand potential safety hazards in their workplace.   In addition, they learn how to control them.

How can leaders inspire their employee’s contribution to safety?

  • Encourage safety knowledge seeking
  • Facilitate safety skill building
  • Promote safety collaboration

Wombat Software wants to enhance the Worker’s Contribution to Safety.  We invite you to share your ideas.  Above all, we want to be part of the safety learning process.