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The Top OSHA Violations for 2021

Posted by Sienna Luard·

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The Top OSHA Violations for 2021 list has been released.   This year’s list includes the same OSHA violations as the previous 2 years. However, the order did change.


Top OSHA violations for 2021



In addition,  fall protection is the most cited OSHA violation for the 11th consecutive year.  Therefore, safety procedures and protocols have not reduced this risk to an acceptable level.

The list of Top 10 OSHA Violations is published to help employers determine what safety improvements they should devote time and resources to.  Above all, we want to help with this process.   In other words, make a real difference in workplaces safety.

Wombat Software is busy developing new safety software.  Our goal is to provide safety professionals with a tool that actually makes their vital work easier.  In other words, let’s reduce OSHA violations together.


How can we help make safety simpler?


  • What Information do safety professional need to make insightful decisions?
  • In addition, what is the easiest way for onsite workers to access the documentation and forms that they need to do their jobs safely?
  • Do you need to know specific information about each work site?
  • Similarly, is there particular information you need to know about contractors?
  • How can the audit process be simplified?
  • Can the findings from audits be used to generate lasting safety improvements?  In other words, fewer OSHA violations should be an outcome of a thorough audit process.

In conclusion, we want to help figure out why these OSHA violations are so prevalent.  Most Importantly, we want to be part of the solution.

Let us know your thoughts on what would make a sustainable difference.  After that, we will work hard to integrate your feedback into what we build for the safety community.