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Can QR Codes Make Safety Easier?

Posted by Sienna Luard·

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Wombat Software has spoken to 116 unique companies.  Many made the same suggestion.  QR codes could be an innovative way to provide people with immediate access to information they need to work safely. 

Here are some ways we would like to utilize QR codes to make safety easier.


  • A QR code will bring up an employee’s training and certification records. Place the QR code on a security card or hard hat.  After that, a quick scan will validate that the person has the required training to do their work safely
  • A QR code can bring up a pre-use inspection check list and maintenance records for machinery.  As a result, you  ensure that it is safe to use every time.
  • Any form created in Wombat Software can generate a QR code to post onsite.   After that,  workers can immediately submit a near miss or incident report.  Make it easy for everybody onsite to contribute to safety.
  • A QR Code can be created to bring up site specific orientation documentation that each person coming to work needs to review and sign off on.
  • A QR code will bring up maintenance records for safety equipment like fire extinguishers and respirators.  As a result, you are confident that they are ready to keep people safe.
  • In addition, you can post a QR code onsite for instant access to immediate safety documentation.  For example, safety data sheets and safe work procedures can be reviewed on your mobile devise. Think of it as your Wombat Software Document Library card.

Wombat Software wants to make life easier for safety professionals.  Above all, we hope that you share your ideas for using QR codes effectively in the real world.  Let’s help everybody contribute to safety.