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The Wombat Software Team wants to spread the word about our friend Kevin Barrett’s Provoking Safety YouTube Channel. He has created a space where safety is not just discussed.  The importance of actively promoting and having a positive influence on safety culture is at the core of every video.

One of his recent videos discusses the Top 5 Incident Fails and their influence on safety culture.

  • How you respond to the call reporting the incident is crucial.  Ask qualifying questions.
  1. What happened?
  2. Is everything safe?
  3. Are there injuries or casualties?
  4. Was EMS called to care of the injured?
  5. Have you preserved the scene?
  • Are you prepared with your smart phone and a note pad to record what happened on the scene?
  • Be cool, calm, collected and courteous when you get to the scene.  Be a positive influence.
  • Are you asking the right open-ended questions?  In addition, are you leading the witness to the answer.
  • Have you included anything that is not fact-based in your report? After that, hold off on discussing your findings with anybody until you have had the time to fully complete your report.

Kevin concludes the video by reminding viewers to be aware of any biases that could impact the impartiality of an incident report and influence safety culture in the long term.  He has also facilitated an in-depth discussion that asks “Are Biases Hurting your Safety Program.”  How do those biases influence safety culture as a whole?

Our mission at Wombat Software is to make life easier for Safety Professionals by developing software that works in the real world.  That is why we think that Kevin’s content is so valuable.  He shares common-sense ideas for making a sustainable impact on your company’s safety culture.  In addition, he asks viewers to really think about how they influence safety at every level?  Above all, that is what a safety professional’s work is all about.